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What to Expect

We gather every Sunday morning and meet in homes throughout the week.

COVID-19 caused us to pivot in many ways, and we may need to continue to do so. We meet in-person whenever we can, and we offer an online Live Stream of the service.

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As of 3/11/22 – Updated Gathering Guidelines:

As of Friday evening (3/11) the 4-H Center (with OSU) will no longer require guests to wear a mask. In keeping with the national and local guidance informing this decision, Hope will follow suit. This means masks are optional starting this Sunday, March 13th. All who decide to continue wearing a mask are welcomed to do so. Since the beginning we have done our best to align with local and national guidance, which means our policy could change at any time down the road. 

As of 10/1/21 – COVID-19 Response Policy:

Hope is committed to your health and safety as well as those we welcome each week. In keeping with this commitment, we want to pursue best practices during this pandemic, not just in our prevention but also in our response to known cases of Covid-19. In the event of a known positive case during one of our gatherings, we will do our best to notify any close contacts we are aware of, and ensure that the Columbus Health Department receives notification of cases in accordance with best practices. Thank you for your part in our mission to extend the welcome of Jesus during this challenging season.


As of 9/30/21 – COVID-19 Policy for In-Person Gathering:

We respectfully request that while indoors you wear a face covering regardless of vaccination status (children too young to wear a mask excepted). Social-distanced seating is also encouraged during the service. Our Hope Kids volunteers will be using face coverings during class as well.

This is in keeping with the most recent local and national medical advice, and OSU facilities. With you, we anticipate the day when all of these considerations and limitations are in the past. Until then, we are doing the best we can in light of everything, and appreciate your understanding!

We meet on Ohio State campus every Sunday.

The first thing you will notice as you arrive is that you are on The Ohio State University main campus. We gather in a beautiful event center right across from the Schottenstein Center. Whether this seems strange to you, or perfectly normal, our hospitality team works hard to make visitors feel welcome. We love how God turns this space into a beautiful worship gathering each Sunday.

A worship booklet and some coffee.

Our greeters will hand you a worship booklet. Our whole worship service will be printed on this booklet, so no surprises. And - more importantly for some - they will point you toward decent coffee.

For the Kids.

Before the sermon, children can go to a children's class appropriate for their age and development. Maybe you are wondering about how your children fit into Hope... We have a very high view of children because we believe Jesus has a high view of children! We put as much effort in making our church hospitable to them as we do to you!

Learn more about Hope Kids.

"Genius of both/and."

Our church is rooted in the ancient truths of the faith and we are seeking to express those timeless truths in ways that connect with your life today. So we will sing, pray, and hear a message from the Bible in ways that seek to strike the "genius of both/and." 

A whole book of the Bible.

Our sermon series focus on an entire book of the bible at a time. We go chapter-by-chapter, passage-by-passage through it. Why? For three reasons:

  1. Biblical diversity. Walking through an entire book means we will experience the diversity of God’s Word. Otherwise we would only experience the themes and truths that we are comfortably drawn to. 
  2. Biblical literacy. If we are called to submit to the authority of God’s Word, then we better make sure we are doing a responsible job interpreting it! And walking through a book of the Bible helps us do that. We have to pay attention to things like original context and flow of thought. As a bonus, we will likely take these lessons home in our own engagement with God’s Word. 
  3. Biblical story. Walking through an entire book keeps our place in the story of God. The Bible is the true story of the world: from creation, to redemption, to restoration. And if we only engage in topics here and there (topics do have a place!), we might be tempted to reduce the Bible to a “how-to manual” for life. But walking through entire books of the Bible grounds us in God’s story and helps us to play our part in it.

1 hour and 15 minutes.

Our service lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes. We encourage you to hang around afterwards and connect with others in our community.