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Hope Kids

We have a high view of kids, because Jesus has a high view of kids.

“Let the children come to me for theirs is the Kingdom of God.”

Jesus says this in response to adults who tried to stop the children from running to Him. Because of this, we want Hope to be a community where kids are welcomed and encouraged to grow in Jesus. 


We aim to have a holistic ministry to our kids.


We teach our children God’s Story in age appropriate and memorable ways. Each week they will learn why Jesus is the hero in every Bible passage they explore.


We aim to engage our children’s hearts with the warmth and joy of the gospel. We want them to experience the welcome of Jesus.


We engage in our kids with gospel practices, like teaching our children how to pray, showing them what obedience looks like in tangible ways at their life stage, etc. Deep practices that are in joyful response to the good news of Jesus.


Hope Kids offers children’s church for all ages:

Nursery- Infant- 2 years

Toddlers- 2-3 year olds

Preschool- 4 year olds

Elementary- 5-7 year olds

OKC (Older Kids church)- 8-13 year olds


For inquiries, or interest in volunteering, please contact Sam VanDerPuy- Family Life Director.