A community of ordinary people extending the extraordinary welcome of Jesus.

Like all churches, Hope has a unique story. But we believe that our unique story must first find its place within God’s larger story, which we’ve heard summarized in nine words: 

“God made it; we broke it; Jesus fixes it.” 

On the one hand, this larger story mercifully deflates our ego. We are not the point! But on the other hand, it grants us an astonishing purpose. God has entrusted his imperfect people to extend his perfect welcome to others.

Since 2011, this has been our heartbeat.

Throughout this last decade there have been changes (like our name and our location for starters). And this past year has felt like a decade, with as many changes in itself! But our commitment to God’s surprising welcome in Jesus has never wavered. 

We also think living in God’s larger story requires two things of our church. We name and grieve losses (after all, everything is broken). And we also walk in surprising hope (which is more than wishful thinking: Jesus does fix it). And so while this pandemic has given us plenty to grieve, it has also given us space to reconsider who we are and where we are going.

In Fall of 2021, we celebrated yet another beginning.

We launched in our new building, but more importantly, with a clarified sense of identity and purpose. Looking ahead to the next decade, we are excited to watch God’s larger story unfold in our city. And we are humbled that He promises to use Hope in that story.

You're invited into this story.

Experience a surprising encounter with Hope every Sunday morning at 10:00am, and throughout the week in our home groups as we imperfectly extend the perfect welcome of Jesus to you.