We are a church of home groups

We believe life is best lived together, in a community of believers seeking the truth and grace of Jesus. Right now, we have five groups meeting regularly each month on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.


SUNDAYS at 6:30pm

Leaders: Joe & Josie Haack
Contact: joe@hopechurchcolumbus.org
Location: 888 Timberman Rd., Columbus OH 43212


In light of our value, "redemptive hospitality" - we are cultivating intentional community for college students & young adults. After sharing dinner together, we are exploring a more balanced and biblical approach to spiritual growth using a resource called The Other Half of Church.

Upper Arlington 

Sundays at 12:00pm

Leaders: Allan & Ingrid Adams
Contact: (Allan) trinibard1@gmail.com (859) 312-3432


2nd Sunday of the month, after church ~ 12pm
4th Sunday of the month, after church ~ 12pm

Upper Arlington

Wednesdays at 7:30pm

Leaders: Aaron & Elisabeth Badenhop
(574) 536-8679

Hosts: Ryan & Bernadette McNamara
Location: 910 Faculty Dr. 43221


1st week: adults @ 7:30pm
2nd week: men @ 7:30pm
3rd week: women @ 7:30pm
4th week: kids and carry out @ 5:45pm


In light of Hope's value of emotionally healthy spirituality and holistic Christian maturity, our home group is working through a resource called "The Other Half of Church." We are exploring how neuroscience brings out what the Bible and Christian tradition has long known about how we grow to become more like Christ.

Bethel Road Area

THURSDAYS at 7:30pm

Leaders: Wes & Michelle Piehl
Contact: (Wes) wes@hopechurchcolumbus.org
Location: 5364 Amy Lane, 43235


Thursdays @ 7:30pm (Adults only)
4th Thursday of the month @ 5:30pm (Kids & Carryout)


This home group explores the Bible on a weekly basis and continues to meet throughout the summer. Our Scripture topics vary, so feel free to hop in at any time. We are accessible via the COTA 1 line, which connects campus and Northwest Columbus, and we have ample street and driveway parking.


SUNDAYS at 6:00pm

Leaders: Ryan & Amanda Hullinger
Contact: (Amanda) hullingeramanda@gmail.com
Location: 81 Nottingham Rd, 43214


1st Sunday @ 6:00 pm (adults only)
2nd Sunday @ 6:00 pm (adults only)
3rd Sunday @ 6:00 pm (adults only)
4th Sunday @ 6pm (kids and carryout)


We are exploring the gospel of John together and are utilizing the 12-week Knowing the Bible study series as a guide for discussions and prayer.