We exist to extend the welcome of Jesus.

  • What is the welcome of Jesus? – It is truth and grace (John 1:14).
  • Who receives the welcome of Jesus? – The church community (Romans 15:7) and the city in which we live (Genesis 12:1-3).
  • How do we extend the welcome of Jesus? – Through our words (Romans 1:16) and our deeds (1 Peter 2:12; Titus 2:10).  


We value six dynamics that hold together two good things that are easily separated.

  1. The formation of emotionally healthy spirituality (head and heart). 
  2. The initiation of redemptive hospitality (loving God and neighbor). 
  3. The intersection of faith and work (Sunday and Monday).
  4. The connection of the church and our campus (church and city).
  5. The vision of cross-cultural community (cultural difference and gospel unity).  
  6. The mission of every member (ordinary and radical).


If we live these values out, we will surprise ourselves and our neighbors. Which is why we envision a future where a surprising number of people in our city have a surprising encounter with Hope.