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Women's Ministry

We see the role that women have had in God's Word to serve one another, the church and the greater community.

We see this work and respond with delight at the possibilities!

We seek to build a place of growing together in an understanding of who God has made today's woman to be. Titus 2 women "seek what is good", "training young women." At Hope, we pursue these words across the women of all ages, even our young girls. We look with expectancy toward God's work among the women of Hope!


We read the words of Psalm 25 and seek to learn as David did, "Make me to know your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths." We keep God's Word at the heart of our work.


We aim to engage our women's hearts with the love of Christ. As he spoke, as he healed, as he served women with such tenderness, we seek to serve one another and grow together.


We engage in a variety of ministries designed to meet the spiritual and physical needs of women, families, the homeless, any in our community who need the touch of a tender hand. 

Find out more:

Contact Kathryn Brod at brodkathryn@gmail.com for more information.


Kathryn Brod | Women's Ministry Leader