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Sunday School



Starting March 6th

8:30 AM

Everybody lives by a creed - whether they know it or not. We cannot even exist in this world without principles; without commitments; without assumptions; without a larger story that frames our decisions, our fears, our hopes, and our desires. Which is to say, we cannot exist without a creed. "Creed" comes from the Latin verb "credo" which says: "I believe." And contemporary philosophy and ancient theology both agree on this point: we cannot make sense of life without first saying "credo." "I believe." 

Humans need a creed. But too often we do not examine the creeds we live by. And if we do, we can sometimes wonder if they connect to anything true. Well at Hope, we are glad that God does not leave us to ourselves. He gave us his Word, which tells the true story of the world. And the earliest followers of Jesus summarized this story and it's core features for us. They did this with creeds. One of the earliest creeds we have is called the Apostle's Creed. And it has been used to summarize, teach, and guard the basic tenets of apostolic Christianity. Which is to say: the basic plot points of the true story of the world.

Maybe you feel like you have lost the forest for the trees. Maybe you are curious about basic Christianity, or know someone who is. Maybe you feel like you could drill down some of the basics of your faith. Regardless of where you are, come join us as we launch a new thing for Hope (but not-so-new in the grand scheme of things): Sunday School.  And you guessed it: we will be exploring the Apostle's Creed together. Hope you can make it. Bring your own coffee!