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Unfinshed Story- Advent 2018

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Unfinshed Story- Advent 2018 banner

Unfinshed Story- Advent 2018

We cannot make sense of our lives without story. We need satisfying answers to these basic questions: Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going? God knows this. In fact, God is the Great Storyteller. His Word to us is not fundamentally a set of rules, but it is a rescue story. In fact, He loves his story so much that he wrote himself into it on Christmas morning. Jesus completed his rescue mission when he came that first Christmas. But Jesus (and experience) tells us that we must wait to experience his rescue in its fullness - when he returns. And that is why we have Advent. Advent is not just a clever way to extend the Christmas party. It is not really a time of celebration, but longing. It is four weeks when we acknowledge that the story we find ourselves in is unfinished. And isn't that how life feels? We do live in an unfinished story, but God tells us how it ends. So until that day, we wait. We reflect. We don't hide from the frustrations, failures, and futility of life - but bring them to God. Oftentimes with tears. Join us as we acknowledge our unfinished stories this season and rediscover the hope that Jesus brings.

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