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Worship Changes - The Basics

How will coronavirus best practices impact our Sunday gatherings? 

Read our more detailed response to the coronoavirus here»

Update - here are the home group gathering locations for tomorrow's Sunday Worship Service (3/15/2020) at 10:00am.

Here is where each home group will be meeting at 10:00am.

If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to either your home group leaders or Sam at sam@hopechurchcolumbus.org

Adams/Brill Group:
Hullinger House
81 Nottingham Rd
Columbus, Ohio 43214
Haack Group:
If you live North of the Metro School:
Badenhop House
910 Faculty Drive
Columbus, OH 43221
If you live South of the Metro School:
VanDerPuy House*
885 Copeland Rd
Columbus, OH 43212
(*Note: Last minute location change)
Lamacusa Group:
McNamara House
406 Highmeadows Village Dr
Powell, OH 43065
Watson Group:

Watson House
357 Lambourne Ave
Worthington, OH 43085


Here are the basics: 

1/ We will be utilizing our home group network for Sunday worship. We will simultaneously gather in our pre-existing home groups on Sunday at 10am. If you are not in a home group - please pick a location that is convenient for you. We are looking forward to hosting you!

2/ We are keeping these gatherings to ~25 people.

3/ Worship in each gathering will be led by leaders of the church, and a sermon from Pastor Joe will be live-streamed on our website starting at 10:35am.

4/ Stay home if you are sick. This is absolutely vital - and in close calls (we’ve all been there!) play it safe. Also, no shame in staying home if you prefer, especially if you are at higher risk for severe disease (older adults and anyone with underlying medical problems - heart disease, lung disease, immune compromise). We will be livestreaming a service.