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Hope Happenings

Hope Happenings




MARCH 26th

At Hope, one of our stated values involves honoring our geography. As we gather Sundays at the 4-H Center next door to the Schott, one of Hope’s values is the intersection of church and OSU campus, recognizing the significant influence of the campus in the Columbus area. 

 At Hope, we envision a future where a surprising number of people on campus and in our city, have a surprising encounter with Hope. Not just our church, but with the hope of the gospel.

  •  We desire to help however we can to see students’ lives changed by Jesus.
  •  We desire to help Christian college students to have a multi-generational church family.
  •  We desire for students to rub shoulders with Hope Church members who are OSU professors and working professionals in many fields of work in the city.
  •  We desire that students staying in Columbus after graduation would already have a Christian community like Hope to support them in their transition.

 Because of this vision, Hope is gladly a church partner with Cru at OSU, desiring to compliment a ministry through which God has already long been at work on campus. 

 On our OSU Student Sunday (March 26th)…

  • Cru’s worship band will help lead Hope in worship
  • We’ll hear how God has been at work in the lives of some students
  • Free City BBQ after church for all OSU students

 If you’re an OSU student no matter where you are on your faith journey… come check out Hope on March 26th.






March 11th- MVM Training


March 19th- Newcomer's Brunch
March 26th- OSU Student Sunday
April 2nd- Palm Sunday
April 7th- Good Friday Service
April 9th- Easter
April 15th- CMDA Potluck
April 21st- Hope Women's Retreat Weekend