Dear Hope,

Social-distancing does not equal relational-distancing. The leadership of Hope has been working diligently to create pathways of connection for you all. Below are a few important updates about how we aim to do that. 

1/ Sunday Livestream

Our plan for Sunday has one major change, and the rest will stay the same. First the change: we will not be meeting as “home group churches” in keeping with governmental restrictions, recommended best-practices, and love of neighbor.

But the rest is the same. We will offer a livestream service on Sunday mornings, starting at 10am. You will access this stream on our website (www.hopechurchcolumbus.org). We will offer a downloadable liturgy and printable resources for children.

2/ Home Groups

Our home groups will regularly meet using Zoom. This platform enables us to see each other, hear from each other, and write to each other in real time. My home group has already met this way and it was greatly encouraging to see faces and pray/laugh/cry with each other in real time. Each home group leader will reach out to you with more details. If you are not in a home group - now is the time to join one. Reach out to a home group leader listed on our website. They will gladly welcome you in. 

3/ Pastoral Care 

In addition to home group care, the session and diaconate will be reaching out via phone calls, texts, and emails. We hope to catch and address any needs you have. You too are encouraged to reach out to us with any needs.

Also, look for regular church-wide prayer meetings on Zoom, expanded resources on our Casting Hope podcast channel, and so on. We will keep you posted. 

 John the Apostle wrote, “I have much to write to you, but I do not want to use paper and ink. Instead, I hope to visit you and talk with you face to face, so that our joy may be complete." (2 John 2:12). There is something joy-completing about being face to face. Like John, I long for that time with you. But until then, we will do the best we can. Jesus will show up, this I know. He already has. 

Connected in Jesus,

Pastor Joe