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It’s been said that Christians should begin each day with an open Bible and with an open newspaper. What that means is we should be informed on what is happening in our world. But we come at it differently as God’s people, as citizens of the Kingdom of God. 

Last week when I opened my newsfeed I saw the President trigger what David French correctly called a “violent Christian insurrection.” How would God have us respond? On Sunday, I humbly suggested three things for now: clarity, lament, and humility.

1. Clarity

What happened is evil. It is the rotten fruit of political idolatry. And sadly it is a mirror to the church.  

2. Lament

God would have us express our anger and sadness to God, in Jesus name. 

3. Humility

We need to allow this moment to create in us hearts that are very low to the ground. 

Clarity, lament, and humility. Let’s pray that God would give us all three.