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My Village Ministries

Extend the welcome of Jesus to families in crisis.


My Village Ministries (MVM) exists for vulnerable families in Columbus who don't have their own system of support during a crisis. MVM equips teams within the city's churches to become that support for these families, who otherwise risk entering the foster care system. This is a living out of biblical hospitality which so clearly shows the body of Christ at work. 

Hope Church offers our “village of people” to families who don't have their own as they move through a crisis. To families without support, having a whole church of people show up for them has far reaching implications and is one of the greatest witnesses to Christ's love we can offer.

Here are the ways you can be involved:

  • Host Family - take in children whose families are in crisis and build relationships with them and their parents. This could be as short as a few days or an extended amount of time, but regardless, each hosting is the beginning of what we hope to be a long term relationship.
  • Community Coach - provide support, mentoring and encouragement for both the family in crisis and the host family.
  • Ministry Lead - Typically this is a team of 2-4 individuals who help keep the ministry going at their church. They share ministry updates and offer continual invitation and encouragement for others in the church to step into MVM roles. Ministry leads communicate between Host Families and the Care Community to ensure that the Host Family and the kids they're hosting are well supported
  • Care Community - provide support and encouragement to Host Families and the kids they are hosting. This can look like providing meals, babysitting, transportation, child care items or simply notes of encouragement and prayer. Everything the Care Community does for a Host Family or Hosted Family is significant because the need for people to wrap around them with support is so great.
  • Mentor - meet with hosted kids 1-2 times a week during a hosting and after reunification to build a relationship with them and become a consistent, positive voice in their life.

Get involved today. 

Contact Rebekah Robinson to get plugged in and extend the welcome of Jesus to families in crisis. Reach out directly to Rebekah with any questions.


Rebekah Robinson
My Village Ministries Team Leader