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God's Covenant with David

3- God's covenant with David

God promised that the Messiah would come from David’s family...

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David showed mercy

2- David showed mercy

David showed mercy even though Saul hated him...

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David was anointed

1- David was annointed

God chose David to be king instead of Saul...

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Israel's first King

3 Israel's first King

God’s people wanted a king...

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The Ark was captured

2 The Ark was captured

God showed the Philistines that He is the one true God...

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Hannah & Samuel

1 Hannah and Samuel

God spoke to Hannah’s son Samuel...

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Ruth & Boaz

9-5 Ruth and Boaz

God provided a redeemer for Ruth...

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9-4 Samson

God gave Samson strength to defeat the Philistines...

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9-3 Gideon

God showed Gideon that victory comes from Him...

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Deborah and Barak

9-2 Deborah and Barak

God used Deborah, Barak, and Jael to rescue His people...

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