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cu·rate ˌkyo͝oˈrāt,ˈkyo͝oˌrāt/ select, organize, and present.

This is an updated curation of digital offerings relating to faith: articles, podcasts, tweets, etc. Since so much information is out there, we think it would be helpful for you to focus on what we think is edifying.

1/ Meet Phillis Wheatly, K. A. Ellis

"Phillis Wheatley (c. 1753–1784), a poet and the first African-American woman published in pre-Revolutionary America, was also a notable apologist, abolitionist, and missionary."

2/ Wisdom Pyramid, Brett McCracken

"In our current epistemological crisis, where we are bombarded by a glut of content and information but have so little wisdom, I think we need guidance on healthier habits of knowledge intake. We need a wisdom pyramid. We need to think about what sorts of “knowledge groups,” and in what proportion, feed a healthy life of true wisdom and true joy."